zalora sucks, big time.

yes. you read it right, zalora sucks. let me share with you my bad experience shopping with zalora. btw it was my 2nd purchase, the first was good. well maybe i made my first purchase before they had their massive promo on the telly and web.

like most girls who are crazy for designer clothes but couldnt afford to tailor-made, i waited eagerly for Jovian’s Jovanna and made on the spot decision on that very night to purchase it. i had no doubt at all since the first purchase was ok. so i placed my order and waited for 3 days, there was no email or call from Zalora and suddenly i received an email from a stranger called Nadia. She took the trouble to email me that she received my parcel! I was not furious (yet) since she told me that she will return the parcel to Zalora and on the same night, Zalora called and said the same thing. They asked me to wait for a few more days and they will hand it over to me once they receive the parcel from Nadia. (yeay, not)

So i waited for 3-4 more days, and yeay they called, but only to tell me that the baju kurung is out of stock. i was like whaaat? I think they have put it back in the system so others could buy it! Nadia on the other hand had already informed me that she has returned the parcel to Zalora few days back, and she did attach my name and full address so zalora could send to me straight away. i managed to keep my cool until they asked me to get another replacement or they will refund me via their store credit. i dont want any store credit! i already told them that i dont want any replacement and i just want my money back, and not planning to buy anything from them although i know that they will not refund in cash form or refund back into my credit card. Nadia also advised me to get cash/credit card refund instead of the store credit coz she managed to get it. well unless they’re asos then¬† i wouldnt mind getting store credit la..

then finally i received the parcel after close to 2 weeks of waiting. i was soooooo happy until i opened the box and found out that they gave me the wrong size!! OMGGGG!! i called them and waited on the line for 45 mins, and there was still no answer and i decided to make a fuss over twitter. i know i had to coz they wouldnt bother to entertain you if you dont bising about it. so a very unfortunate guy called Bobby had to entertain me. I said I am so sorry he had to work in such a stupid organisation, kesian dia. He asked me to return the parcel but how am i supposed to return since there was no return slip attached???¬† Ayoo!! So he had to take the trouble to collect the parcel at 6pm on the same day at my house and i thought the nightmare would be over but boy i was all wrong… the next day i received an email from zalora asking me whether i have returned the parcel.. oh my.. seriously, no words could describe how frustrated and furious i was!!! One thing after another!! Its been more than 2 weeks now and they still haven’t refund my money..

yesterday Zalora MD sent an online newsletter explaining what really happened – they are upgrading their system and it kinda went haywire – what makes they think that 1-2 week before raya is a good time to upgrade their system?? and if their system isnt ready for volume orders, then dont advertise yet la, spend some money to upgrade your system first! consumers dont need to know what happen in your office, all they want is good service! and if you already anticipated that things gonna be messed up during your upgrading, you should’ve told the customers earlier or publish a small note somewhere in your website. at least ppl wouldve expected for delays in delivery etc.

i will never EVER buy anything from zalora anymore. i know a lot more people are not satisfied with Zalora’s service coz i received a lot of comments when i shared my disappointment in FB. zalora, you really need to buck up your service or im sorry to tell you that your business will go down the drain in no time.

16 thoughts on “zalora sucks, big time.”

  1. Zalora bad service! Returned an item that has a tear on the dress…since 2 months already, still no sight of refund!no return of emails, no reply…will never order from them ever again!

  2. Same story here. You guys should try Service is so much better. Bought 5 times there and all received the next working day.

    Bottom line. F**k zalora.

  3. oh dear i just bought a pair of sneakers and i couldnt contact them or neither they did contact me for my delivery info ): i should have check if the website is reputable or not ):

  4. I bought a shoe and it is wrong size and wrong color!! My size is 36 but they gave me 41. Now they ask me to pay with my own money to courier back to them and they will issue store credit back to me Zalora – BE GONE!!! I called Zalora to whine about it and ask them to fire the warehouse staffs.

  5. joyee, i dont blame u for not checking first since they did a massive promo and u’d certainly feel that only BIG companies could afford for such promo. and normally big companies would have really reliable service.

  6. oh no sylvia, i thought they’d have learnt their lesson! btw my story didnt finish here. i finally received an email from them with a paypal code – which when i checked with paypal, its a wrong CODE!! i really couldnt stand it anymore, i called them up and insisted to talk to any manager around, and it was 2 days before raya. i finally talked to Vinu after i raised my voice! i said the code is wrong and she promised to call me back and guess what, she called and said its a wrong code, its for someone else. OMG!!! then only i received an email from paypal saying that they have refunded my money. i hope you will get your money back! please insist for cash, unless you want to buy anything from them then go for store credit. all the best!

  7. You are right, Zalora sucks. Not just thier service but thier practices as well….imagine this, thier warehouse is so dirty and humid that its a wonder that the items remains in good conditions. Couple that with mistreatment of workers, overpaid expats who illegally work here in place of the local workforce, and not to mention the dirtiest toilets ever you have seen at the workplace.

  8. Luckily I read this before I make a purchase from Zalora… the TV commercial is so often showing in TV, until my kid also copy the screams.
    But I hate the idea of the TV commercial….

  9. god ! i just bought 3 items from zalora yesterday . it worth RM130 . i paid it by paypal . aduhhh ! Why i’m so careless didn’t read ur blog first . im afraid that i will be 1 of the unfortunate customers like u . OMAIGADD !

  10. I just bought a pair of shoes and sandals from Zalora last week. The order arrived earlier than I expected but the shoes that they delivered was really big for me. I don’t understand with their sizing. All I know that I am always size 35 or size 5. The shoes fits to those who are size 7/37. Fortunately, the sandals fits perfectly. I was thinking of replacing the item but as I read your comments, I was afraid that I might experience the same.

  11. I bought a bag and used it for less than a month..the bag handle is already tear apart and the bag cant be used anymore..btw, the bag brand is Catalyst..its very bad in quality..even a rm30 bag can last longer than this bag..what a waste..

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