Furla Candy Bag for sale :)

berhabuk dah blog ni. last entry masa fahri umur 22 bulan. now hes 27 bulan dah. sekarang dia dah pun dah masuk pre-kindy, in preparation for “maidless months/years” ahead. kalau maid confirm nak sambung contract kan senang. aish.

btw im selling off my furla candy bag, which i bought recently from a website straight from the states for RM900++. punya lah nak handbag tu, tapi bila dapat pakai 4 kali jer. masa beli tu tak pikir handbag tu sama bentuk dengan my LV Speedy. alih2 tak pakai sangat, in fact LV tu pun jarang gila pakai pegi ofis. i dont go out that often esp to weddings or events so theres no reason for me to carry those kind of short length handle handbags with me. short handle handbag doesnt really help you much if you have a child/ren and you need to carry your child’s stuff inside your bag. not practical at all haha.

sayang gila nak jual handbag ni. coz ive been yearning to have it for months!! but sakit mata je tengok sbb terperuk je handbag tu kat rumah. so let me know if you know anyone looking for the bag, its pink pastel in color and comes with a dustbag. selling for RM800. extremely good condition! ye lah pakai 4 kali je kan. tskk.

15 thoughts on “Furla Candy Bag for sale :)”

  1. Dear Daila,

    I’m interested to buy but i need to know how much are you offering and how is process? Thanks


  2. hi,

    am interested to purchase the bag. email me with further info if it is still available.
    thank you

  3. Hai. if u guys interested with this furla beg. Add my fb zarff malik II or follow my insta ig dezaffascarf. im selling this furla bag. Or whatsapp me 0173439849 TQ

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